Is your headache ominous? How do you know? By Catherine Oakley

Everyone has suffered from a headache at some point in their life.They can range from a mild pain to debilitating and can occur periodically to daily. A lot of us turn to medication for fast pain relief. Though effective for short term relief this is simply not a solution and is merely putting a ‘bandaid’…
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smart goals physiotherapy barrhaven ontario


If I complete half my goals in any given week, it’s a win. I tend to give myself more goals than I can possibly complete in a day, week or month.  Which may be why I only ever get to half. Today one of my goals was to write a blog – and here it…
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Human Connection and Social Responsibility


Human connection and a social responsibility are essential to leading a healthy life.  How we schedule and manage our health is different for everyone. It’s interesting to recognize that our current reality has caused these 2 pillars of health to collide.  We have been asked to remove basic human connection in order to uphold social…
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