In striving for excellence, continuity, consistency, and professionalism in staffing, patients will have access to a range of experienced therapists who will become an integrated part of their team as they develop strong professional relationships. Health HUB believes that physical therapy is not something you get – rather, it is something you do. Health HUB will provide higher quality care that, through its competent staff and a dynamic approach to treatment will lead to greater patient outcomes and a better clinical experience

The standards for movement health and fitness have become alarmingly low. It is now “normal” to lack the ability to perform fundamental movement patterns, to be plagued by pain and nagging injuries and to lack resilience when faced with physical and mental stress.

At Health HUB, the goal is to help clients be the best versions of themselves. Health HUB’s growing team will ONLY consist of experienced, empathetic therapists that are excellent communicators. Health HUB’s growing team have been carefully selected and possess skills that compliment our core team. Health HUB’s practitioners will utilize their extensive knowledge of human movement and manual therapy skills to assess, diagnose and augment musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Services will provide value in two ways:

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Helping people heal through regular, one-on-one appointments (as is common in the industry). We will do this with the latest in evidence-based treatment guidelines to develop a personalised plan that will help clients bridge the gap from their current capabilities to their activity goals (e.g. home, work, recreation and sport) in a time-sensitive manner. Practitioners will spend quality, one-on-one time with each patient, learning about their problem, analyzing their movements and determining the root cause of any movement dysfunction or injury. They will also use regular therapy appointments as “teachable moments” that will encourage clients to make a bigger investment into their health.

Deepening patient engagement through Clinical Conditioning Programs that provide in-depth assessments of physical function, nutrition, health, sleep and stress management. Health HUB practitioners will utilize a systematic approach to enable patients recover from pain or injury, improve their fitness and performance, lose weight and optimize their health and wellness.

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