Baseline Testing refers to neurocognitive and physical testing typically done before a sports season starts; the baseline test provides a snapshot of how one’s brain and body function in normal, everyday circumstances. This data can be retrieved at a later date if an athlete sustains a concussion.

In the event an athlete sustains a concussion, post injury testing is conducted by Barrhaven Health HUB’s practitioners. We can interpret and evaluate scores and compare to the baseline for deficiencies or abnormalities. Barrhaven Health HUB has a professional team of Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists that have specialized training and credentialing to provide these tests. We work alongside the Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Primary Physician and when needed specialists to develop safe return to play decisions.

Using baseline testing and post injury testing will allow for more consistent, objective, and safer decisions being made about an injured athlete returning to play. Using data as opposed to symptoms we can prevent returning an athlete too soon and causing the cumulative effects of concussion, and athletes can potentially be allowed back sooner, using data often allows an
athlete to return to sport prior to being ‘symptom free’ to progress through the stages of return to sport and school.